Eyebrow Micro Blading pen

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One of the hardest parts in putting makeup is making a perfect eyebrow. For other girls, the eyebrow is life, and most women can go out without any makeup but not wearing a nice shape eyebrow with a natural look. Most girls often undergo a painful eyebrow micro blading tattoo and it does take a lot of time. With our Eyebrow Micro Blading Pen, having a natural look eyebrow is no longer painful.

Our Eyebrow Micro Blading Pen is just like any other eyebrow liner that you can do it just by yourself. The difference is that it has a tip that is like the one they use in doing a micro blading tattoo. It is designed to give you a natural look in just a few minutes, no smudges, and no pain. Very easy to apply. Waterproof but can be easily washed with the use of soap. This micro blading pen is the easiest way to create fine hair strokes for a fuller brow.

A perfect eyebrow liner especially to those who are always in a hurry. A natural looking eyebrow that will definitely give a stunning glow to your beauty.

How To Use:
1. Applying an eyeliner pencil is optional but also recommended having a guide on the shape that you want to achieve.
2. Shake the pen before using.
3. Start applying from the part near your nose as it is the one that requires a wider shape.
4. Gently continue applying the pen until you finish and achieve the shape that you desired.