SafeLiving™ Non-Toxic Household Mold Remover

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FREE PREMIUM™ Ultra Absorbing Microfiber Cloth Included!

SafeLiving™ Non-Toxic Household Mold Remover is the ideal solution for tough mold stains. The thick gel clings to and penetrates stains on tile, grout, showers, and tubs without harsh fumes or chemicals.
Thanks to its triple action oxygen compound it deeply disintegrates and separates stubborn mold stains in tight crevices while killing 99% of bacteria and germs.

More than 50% of homes have mold problems. Mold can spread and develop on any surface within hours causing 30 different health problems! A staggering 100% of chronic sinus infections are caused by mold.

IDEAL FOR: Wood, Drywall, Siding, Tile, Boat Seats, Grout, Vinyl, Roofing, Gutter, Brick, Mats, Awnings, Concrete and Porcelain.
    • Effortlessly gets rid of those black and brown stains particularly on those sealed joints in your kitchen and bathroom preventing any new mold build up!
    • No more odor caused by bacteria, mold, and mildew.
    • Kills 99% of bacteria and germs and prevents future accumulation.

    • No scrubbing required. Simply apply the gel and wipe mold away.
    • Fast acting, powerful concentrated gel formula clings to tiles, silicone sealant (around windows, sinks and baths), shower-heads, pool and more.
    • Kills 99% of bacteria, germs and build up.
    • Perfect and safe for tiles: from black and molded to brand new.
    • Give it a try before striping the caulk off and redo it.
      • WINDOWS
      • BATHROOM
      • CRACKS


      1. Dry affected area before use.
      2. Squeeze SafeLiving™ Mold Remover Gel and apply sufficiently on affected area.
      3. Leave for 3-5 hours and wash off or wipe with a wet towel.
      4. Heavy mildew buildup may require longer contact time or multiple cleanings.


      One tube is enough for one year! Use just a small quantity for each mold to see how efficient it is.