Portable Air Conditioning

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With the current situation of our ozone layer, severe heat is becoming a normal temperature in most places. It's either you go to a place with an air conditioner or you'll make you of fans to cool yourself. With this Portable Air Conditioning, everything will be effortless.

This Portable Air Conditioning is designed to produce a cool temperature despite the hot environment. WIll definitely create you a personal cooling zone with adjustable speed without noise. Handy and very easy to use. An air cooling device that has a double purpose, not just to cool yourself but also a humidifier that will increase moisture in the air which is beneficial to those who have allergies. With 7 colors LED light that can be used as a soothing night light. Auto shutoff when out of water and low energy consumption.

A perfect to all especially those who love to travel and kids. A great device for soothing allergic rhinitis and at the same time decrease the hot temperature in your surroundings. Great for home and office use.

How To Use
1. Plug the USB cable to the device and to an electric adaptor or power bank.
2. Pour some water to the suggested level. Adding essential oil is optional.
3. Turn on the power button.
4. Select the preferred speed of the fan,
5. When replacing water, please make sure that you do not shake the device, keep it in level and just let the water to spill.