Dry and Style Hair Brush

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Have you tried drying your hair using a hairdryer in your other hand and a brush on the other, quite hard right? You may end up asking someone's help to achieve the style that you want. Our Dry and Style Hair Brush will save you from this.

This Dry and Style Hair Brush will let you dry your hair and style them at the same time without asking someone else help. It is a DIY hair styling brush that has three settings, heat, cold, and style. You can choose to either straighten or curl your hair. Very easy to use.

Perfect for those who do not have time to visit a salon to have some undergo expensively and time-consuming hair treatment and styling. A great hairdryer and styler for both men and women.

How To Use:
1. Plug in the device to a power socket.
2. Choose the settings based on what you achieved.
3. You can use the brush to either wet or dry hair.
4. Start brushing your hair with at least 2 cm away from the scalp down to the bottom of your hair.
5. Spend at least 5 seconds to achieve straight or curly hair when brushing.