Car Scratch Repair

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Most of us get the occasional scratch on our cars. Sometimes, what appears to be a big scratch is just debris from an impact or bad weather. Or can also be a raised line, which happens in your vehicle smashes into a bumper or any kind of object. The kind that makes your stomach turn whenever you see it. Relax. It's not the end of the world. Check out our Car Scratch Repair. The only way to fix your car scratches. 

This productremoves all kinds of stubborn attachments such as tar, glue and DIY paint color paint defects or even minor vehicular accident. The fastest, easiest and affordable way to remove the scratches in your dear car is by using our Car Scratch Repair. Very easy to use and handy, so you can bring it anytime, anywhere.

This product can be used for all types of cars. Indeed a great gift not just to someone who owns or loves the car but to everyone as this product can also be used in any object that requires to repair a scratch. 

How To Use:

  1. Make sure to clean the surface of the part where you need to repair the scratch,
  2. Slightly press the bottom part of the tube and put an ample amount into the sponge.
  3. Rub continuously the part that needs to be repaired until you notice an improvement.
  4. Make sure to put the cap back to the tube after using to preserve the wax.