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Not all of us have enough time to go to a spa or to hire someone who can give us a relaxing massage. But we know our body needs it due to our stressful long working day. Now with our Acupressure Mat, it will be easier to have a relaxing massage just by lying on it. 

The Acupressure Mat will give you a deep pressure to attain a relaxing sleep, helps improve blood circulation, soothing headaches, relaxation of tense muscles and relieves stress.

A perfect mat for those who are longing to unwind their body and mind but no time to do it. No age and gender limitations. Anyone will surely love this product.


Here’s your body's natural response when you lay on The Acupressure Mat… 
⏳ 10-20 seconds - the body encourages blood circulation
⏳ 20-40 seconds - the body starts to move blood to the back
⏳ 2-4 mins - the back gets warm from the blood flow
⏳ 4-6 mins - a ‘tingly’ effect begins, this is the body drawing the blood up to the very outer layer of skin
⏳ 5-6 mins - this stimulates a physiological response from the body to ease stress and soothe tension
⏳ 6-20 mins - the physiological response helps support relaxation in muscles, tension relief, and leaving you feeling 'blissed out'
And those pin-prick marks in the skin? They disappear after around 20 minutes!